Zel Technologies Synervizion Application Staff Aug

Based in Hampton, Virginia, Zel Technologies (“ZelTech”) operates at over twenty locations in the United States and overseas. ZelTech delivers expert advice, critical technologies and cost-effective solutions to help customers gather essential knowledge, collaborate efficiently, decide quickly and act decisively. Their staff includes experienced operational specialists, analysts, engineers, scientists, and program managers. ZelTech is a veteran and minority owned professional services and information technology solutions business, with a strong presence in the government contracting market.


ZelTech developed an early prototype of Synervizion for one of their government contracts. Synervizion is a desktop application designed to save and share multi-windowed desktop layouts, enabling teams to quickly and easily assemble actionable information from multiple sources to improve decision making related to critical tasks and responsibilities. Seeing the promise of the application in a commercial environment, ZelTech sought to fully develop the application for more widespread use and deployment.

ZelTech selected Marathon to assist in the effort based upon our expertise in Windows desktop development, and specifically, in working with Windows Presentation Foundation. Marathon consultants worked on-site with ZelTech developers, helping take the application from an early prototype to a fully-functioning commercial grade application in 9 short months.