INSPIRE by VASAP iOS and Android Mobile App

The Commission on the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) is a state agency focused on reducing the number of impaired driving-related crashes. They are responsible for oversight of Virginia’s Ignition Interlock Program and ensuring that participants and Interlock Vendors are abiding by State Regulations.


Oversight of this program involved an arduous inspection process that was very time consuming. In order to improve this process, VASAP commissioned the creation of a custom mobile app that would allow them to conduct these inspections in a more efficient manner. They also wanted to provide an easy way for participants and Interlock Vendors to access important information about the program and regulations. The mobile app needed to be usable on phones, tablets and computers and available for use from the Apple and Google application stores.


Marathon developed a mobile app that was user friendly, secure, and allows for large data entry, push notifications, user query and document uploads. The app that allows the public to find and get directions to VASAP sanctioned facilities, as well as allows the VASAP inspection team to visit the facilities and perform their inspections online using their smart phone. The system was designed to be used by any state wishing to get the same functionality for their citizens and VASAP-like state agencies.

With the requirement for both Android and iOS, along with both the application being available for smart phones and tablets, Marathon developed the app using Microsoft Xamarin and Xamarin Forms. By taking this approach, we were able to deliver native iOS and Android apps in almost half the time it would have taken to develop the apps natively. Along with the benefits of having one code base to maintain, Xamarin was a clear choice for the project.

The mobile app accesses data from a Web API built using ASP.NET, hosted as an Azure app service connected to an Azure SQL database and Azure Blob storage. The app data is managed by a web application built with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages. For high quality UI controls in the web application, we leveraged Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core.

Marathon delivered a system that was immediately put into operation and is helping the client manage their inspections and the general public with location authorized interlock installation facilities.