Samuel I. White/TNT Swift Title Order Processing Application

Samuel I. White, P.C. provides real estate closing transactions for purchasing, selling, or refinancing property. Title searches were managed by using an existing Visual Basic 6.0 application called SWO. However, SWO was not designed for this purpose, and many users relied heavily on Microsoft Excel in order to process the workflow associated with title searches.

Top Notch Title, LLC (TNT) was a separate business entity created by Samuel I. White, P.C. for the purpose of issuing title insurance policies. TNT could no longer use the SWO application, so they approached Marathon Consulting, LLC to develop Swift TNT, a desktop application that would replace not only the SWO application, but also the Microsoft Excel worksheets.


  • Integration with Samuel I. White, P.C.’s SWO application. Imports title requests on a daily basis.
  • Integration with Top Notch Title Active Directory.
  • Standard search that allows users to search for tile search requests based on line of business (foreclosure, bankruptcy, current status, date range, etc).
  • An advanced search that allows fine grain searching that includes name, address, and loan numbers. Supports Boolean logic (and/or).
  • Title Request Quick View from search results. This allows the users to see the highlights and status of a title request without having to open the entire record.
  • Automatic locking/unlocking of title searches to prevent multiple users from working a file at the same time.
  • Ability to generate documentation based on predefined templates. These templates are processed using Word mail merge automation.