Marathon Consulting offers health care technology solutions within many industries to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Marathon's experience in healthcare software design and development has given Marathon numerous opportunities to provide healthcare management consulting services in a numerous aspects of the healthcare industry.

Marathon's healthcare management consulting services have been provided across industry boundaries, addressing issues in both the provider segment and the payer segment.

In the provider segment, Marathon has provided healthcare software design and development services for such healthcare management issues as:

  • Patient scheduling
  • Facility scheduling
  • Physician scheduling
  • Patient billing
  • Medical records
  • Claim submittal and billing
  • Encounter submittals
  • Authorization processing
  • Referral initiation

In the payer segment, Marathon has been very active providing healthcare management consulting services addressing the broadest range of payer issues in a managed care environment. Issues addressed have included:

  • Selection of claims adjudication software
  • Provider network development
  • Claims adjudication
  • Case management
  • Authorization management
  • Encounter processing
  • Member enrollment
  • Member eligibility
  • Pharmacy management
  • Provider credentialing
  • Call center management
  • Quality of care measurement
  • Benefit plan configuration
  • Claim appeals