IT Department Staffing Evaluation Services

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As experts in the IT field, we often help companies review their internal IT needs. We frequently perform IT due diligence inquiries in support of a planned acquisition or merger, IT department effectiveness assessments and staffing level assessments with respect to FTE headcount and experience point.

Companies initiate IT staffing assessments for one of two reasons:

  • In response to one or more perceived performance shortcomings
  • To determine how well the IT department is positioned to support the planned growth or diversification

In either instance, we use a number of tools to conduct a staffing assessment which will evaluate factors like:

  • ROI
  • Budget compared to similar organizations
  • Perception within the company (Is the IT department effective? Responsive? Flexible?)
  • Internal view (How does the department view itself?)
  • Objective view by Marathon Consulting (How do we rank the department in terms of performance, productivity, communication, pay scales, etc.? What services do they provide internally?)

Following our staffing assessment, we provide a series of actionable recommendations and identify an areas for potential improvement.

After the assessment, you'll feel ready to make the best IT staffing decisions for your company.

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