Marathon Consulting offers advertising technology solutions within many industries to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Advertising Technology Solutions

Marathon has supported and partnered with numerous advertising, branding, and public relations firms in order to help them meet their clients' diverse information technology requirements.

The information technology services provided by Marathon have included the following:

The complex websites designed and developed by Marathon have included numerous features, reflecting state-of-the-art technical capabilities, extensive database applications, and appealing graphic design characteristics. Marathon has assisted advertising firms in two modes. The first mode allows the advertising firm to work directly with their client to define requirements, pass those requirements to Marathon, and rely on Marathon to design and develop the website. This mode places Marathon in a background role and allows the advertising firm to take the lead on all client contacts.

The second mode calls for Marathon to work in tandem with the advertising firm when performing business requirements analysis, reviewing proposed design options, soliciting client feedback, and providing the appropriate level of thought leadership.

Both modes have been used successfully to complete web application development projects and place the advertising firm in the best possible position in regards to their relationship with their clients. The "background" mode naturally takes additional time and introduces opportunities for miscommunication because of the indirect nature of communications between the technical team and the end user of the website or web application. However, Marathon typically follows the advertising firm's guidance on these approaches and takes the appropriate steps to make the communications as effective as possible, regardless of the delivery mode.