Analytics Services

A Robust Analytics Program Will Tell You

Without a plan for website analytics, your business operates in the dark. Who visited your website? How long did they stay? Where did they come from to find your site?

No analytics. No answers. Marathon provides analytics services to help you reap the benefits of real-time business intelligence. Then, you can make key decisions based on proven data. The key is to make sure your analytics account is set up properly. Then we track behavior of your website visitors to understand their intentions and actions. Utilizing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, robust informational tools that track visitors across your website as well as provide key insights of the entire visitor journey.

A typical Marathon analytics audit can include the following to determine how visitors are engaging with your website:

  • Review analytics settings
    • Includes checking proper links for AdWords, Adsense and search consoles
    • Audience definition
    • Goal setting
  • Review tagging (implementation of analytics on website)
  • Review data collection (Is traffic being monitored in analytics?)
  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager

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