Diamond Resorts Ticket Station Websites

Diamond Resorts International manages vacation ownership resorts at more than 420 worldwide destinations in 35 countries throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa. Marathon provides design, complex web development, eCommerce, and back-end API development services for Diamond.


Diamond acquired a theme park ticket re-selling company that sells tickets to various theme parks and attractions in the Orlando area. The company sold the tickets through its standalone eCommerce website that was on an outdated platform. In order for Diamond to fulfill it plans on rolling this product out to all the markets they serve worldwide, they turned to Marathon to design and implement an enterprise eCommerce solution.


Diamond had previously selected Magento as their shopping cart software of choice, so Marathon’s team quickly went to work on accomplishing the following project goals:

  • Design a responsive look and feel for the websites that can be used as a template for each market.
  • Create a base eCommerce site that can be used to spin up new markets.
  • Develop a scalable solution that is easily managed by non-technical staff.
  • Integrate into Diamond’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and enterprise payment processing system.

Marathon designed a new responsive template for the ticket selling website and built a theme that could easily be configured for each location’s color palette and logo. The Magento shopping cart package was then customized to meet Diamond’s specific business rules. In order to integrate Magento with Diamond’s ERP system, Marathon utilized RabbitMQ for asynchronous messaging. Marathon then developed API’s into Diamond ERP system using ASP.NET WCF web services.