Central Business District Association (CBDA) Website Redesign

The Central Business District Association (CBDA) serves as an advocate for its membership, supporting growth and development within the business community of the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area. CBDA turned to Marahton when they were ready to redesign their website. With a growing membership and host of a number of events thorughout the year, with very limited internal resources, the new website needed to be easy for CBDA to manage and maintian as well as create efficiencies with their current processes.

How we did it

Marathon worked with CBDA to provide a newly designed website that not only improved how they are able to communicate to their current and prospective members, but also to streamline the management of event registration, payment of membership dues and more. 

The newly designed website features a robust membership directory, calendar of events with details and registration capabilities, and the latest news from CBDA and their members all within a beautifully designed, intuitive architecture. In additonl the webiste is built on an easy to use content management system (CMS) allowing their internal resources the ability to maintain the website content without needing any technical expertise.