Marathon Consulting offers legal technology solutions within many industries to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Legal Technology Solutions

Providing technology consulting services with the legal community has become a mainline service for Marathon Consulting.

Several years ago Marathon consultants developed a legal practice management software solution for a large, regional firm. This solution met the specific requirements of the firm in a way that most packaged software products could not match. By combining numerous business rules with a sophisticated case management database and integrating that logic with the document processing capabilities of Microsoft Word, Marathon was able to provide a highly effective business solution.

Currently, Marathon is engaged in a major upgrade of that product, enabling it to automatically download bankruptcy and foreclosure cases from a national clearing house. By integrating the clearinghouse case data with the case management capabilities of the previously developed custom software, Marathon has created a sophisticated case management tool that saves hundreds of hours of manual processing per week. This has resulted in additional clerical capacity, enabling the firm to attain higher volume levels without hiring additional clerical staff.

Throughout the integration effort, Marathon utilized its project management methodology to manage several simultaneous "sub-projects" and launch the integrated solution in record time.