Marathon Consulting offers Information Technology (IT) Services to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Commercial Real Estate Management Technology Solutions

Marathon has consulted within the commercial real estate management industry by providing custom software development, database application development, and software integration services. These, coupled with Intranet portal development, were focused upon cost cutting and cost avoidance.

Marathon works with senior executives to identify challenges and recommend opportunities to leverage technology for cost savings purposes. Once the challenges and opportunities are identified, Marathon assists the client in the consideration of priorities. These are typically driven by the nature of the challenges and the ability to achieve a quick payback on the investment.

Because corporate Intranet portals are so effective in meeting a wide range of challenges, Intranet portals often become the solution of choice. High quality Intranet portal design and development can place a cost-saving application on line very quickly. This results in a quick payback and solid ROI over time. The properly designed Intranet portal also establishes a foundation on which the real estate management firm can add portal applications over time, while doing so in a consistent and structured manner.

For commercial real estate management firms who rely on remote sales and management staffing arrangements, custom software can be leveraged to save time and money in the following functional areas:

  • Automation of applications from prospective tenants
  • Remote time entry for outlying staff
  • Financial and performance data collection and results distribution on a property-by-property basis
  • Online training
  • Online tenant surveys
  • Online tenant requests for service or incident reporting
  • Processing of internal forms that would otherwise require intervention by the Human Resources or other "back office" departments
  • Publication of corporate policies and procedures on a secured basis

These types of custom software development projects provide significant improvements in efficiency. As a result, the commercial real estate management firm is able to grow the number of properties they manage, without having to add back office staff to accommodate that growth.

Client Success: S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.

S.L. Nusbaum required an easier way to manage their public-facing website, as well as a new look and feel.  Marathon worked with S.L. Nusbaum to develop a tightly integrated Commercial and Multi-Family property design that would also incorporate Search Engine Optimization goals.  A Content Management System was implemented to replace more rigid tools, allowing more efficient updates to the website's content.

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