Marathon Consulting offers automotive retail technology solutions within many industries to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Automotive Retail Technology Solutions

Marathon consultants have accumulated years of high-value experience supporting numerous aspects of the automotive retail industry. These go beyond application development and have allowed Marathon to provide high level thought leadership on a range of technology consulting issues.

Specific automotive retail technology consulting services have ranged from software design and development, through database integration and specialty reporting, to pay-per-click campaign management.

Marathon's depth of experience within the automotive retail industry has allowed certain Marathon consultants to acquire certification from ADP - the leading provider of automotive retail application software services. Marathon has leveraged this certification to the clients' benefit by integrating custom developed software with the ADP applications and databases. Marathon has also worked with another leading provider of automotive retail software, Reynolds and Reynolds. In both cases, Marathon's ability to integrate Marathon-created application software with the data resources of ADP and Reynolds and Reynolds has enabled the dealerships to consolidate data and create enterprise-level reporting capabilities.

Business application areas include:

  • Application development and integration with ADP
  • New & Used vehicle inventory management
  • Sales floor operations
  • Comprehensive dealership performance reporting across multiple criteria
  • Financial Reporting
  • Application development and integration with Reynolds & Reynolds
  • Store-level financial performance
  • Pay-per-Click Management


Client Success: Hall Automotive/MileOne Automotive

MileOne Automotive, a large multi-division automotive retailer, relies on a sophisticated set of performance metrics to manage and evaluate the financial performance of sixty-five dealerships. Continued growth in the number and volume of the dealerships required a more highly automated solution. Hall Automotive, a division of MileOne, located in Hampton Roads, relies on Marathon for all of their complex web application development.

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