Database Integration and Custom Reporting

microsoft-gold-app-silver-cloud-logo-silver-dataMarathon is a premier provider of Data Integration and Custom Reporting services and has built its reputation on data-centric projects. Marathon places a premium on recruiting professionals who possess a high degree of database expertise. This is viewed as a necessity because the core of any good application is a solid and efficient database design.

Within this offering, services fall into three general categories:

  • Data Integration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data Warehousing

While each category relies on the effective design and development of sophisticated databases and techniques, the boundaries among the categories are often blurred.

Data Integration projects often address the need to consolidate data from separate and often disparate systems in order to process and present meaningful information. This could be as basic as supporting minimal content storage for a website, or it could be as extensive as a fully functional, transaction-based accounting application. No matter the scope or the technology, the approach is consistently the same: design a database module that most effectively meets the current challenge, while addressing the potential need for future scalability and enhancement. Marathon employs tried-and-true techniques in the delivery of Data Integration services. These typically include such tools as:

  • ETL Program Design and Development
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Data Transformation Services (DTS)
  • Bulk Copy
  • ODBC
  • Linked Servers

Custom Reporting services often address informational needs that packaged software cannot meet because of inherent limitations. In many cases extensive Data Integration services are required to implement the new reporting solution. Reports and inquiry screens are designed and built to meet dynamic business needs. Periodic reporting, ad hoc information requests, OLAP, performance dashboards, and complex distribution requirements are often meet through a custom reporting solution. Marathon has been especially effective in assisting clients replace Excel-driven reporting environments with integrated reporting solutions that rely on database technology. This improves the timeliness and accuracy of the data by automating manual processes and reducing error. These improvements are both measurable and dramatic. Marathon's custom reporting solutions include:

  • Report Design and Development
  • Complex Stored Procedure Development
  • Adhoc Reporting Tools
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Crystal Reports

Data Warehousing initiatives are undertaken when client data volumes and formatting requirements go beyond the capabilities of a typical database. While transaction-processing databases are designed to deliver optimum performance when updating transactional data, a Warehouse-oriented database is designed to optimize data retrieval. This requires different indexing strategies, de-normalized structures, and the recording of summary data. Regardless of the approach, every engagement must rely on the skill of the consultant to flawlessly update the tables and deliver the data effectively to the end user.

  • Data Warehouses
  • OLAP Cubes
  • Data Marts
  • Performance Dashboards

Marathon is adept at delivering Data Integration and Custom Reporting services across a range of technical environments including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, and other mainstream database management products.

Client Success: Gold Key PHR Hotels & Resorts

Marathon has assisted Gold Key/PHR in developing Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence solutions to help facilitate daily operations. These efforts include building an application to help track and manage contact and question information submitted through the hotel and restaurant websites, developing an application to help automate the annual budget creation process as well as a creating a utility to automate the download of daily hotel reservation data for operational reporting.

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