Marathon Consulting offers Custom Application Development services to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Sales Force Automation Software

The design, construction, and implementation of sales force automation software has been a key Marathon service offering for years. Our consulting staff has developed in-depth knowledge of various sales force automation applications through their support of numerous sales organizations. These range from mid-tier, privately owned regional and national firms, to global manufacturers and distributors with world-wide sales operations.

The expansion of the Internet has made web based sales force automation software the solution of choice. Marathon consultants have been intimately involved in the development and evolution of web based sales force automation software since the earliest days of it use. The advantages of sales force automation solutions are many:

  1. Instant distribution of information, regardless of the size or location of the sales force
  2. The ability to "push" information to the sales force, as opposed to passively waiting for them to sign in and retrieve the information
  3. Utilization of a single data repository, in which all the data is consistent and the reported information does not vary from report to report.
  4. Lower technical support costs that result from using a browser-based interface in place of a localized PC application; this eliminates the need to update dozens, hundreds, or thousands of PCs each time the sales force automation application undergoes a change.

Among the many advantages of web based sales force automation software, perhaps the biggest is its ability to provide a tool whose effectiveness can be measured over time. A well constructed sales force automation application can be designed to provide measures of use, enabling the client sales management team to compare use of the sales force automation software with resulting sales activities.

The second advantage of sales force automation software is its ability to provide summary sales performance results in the form of "Dashboards". Dashboards summarize data in a graphic format, allowing both the sales force and the sales management team to focus on those results that are either below or above expectations. This "management by exception" approach enables everyone to drill down to the details of the outliers and investigate the contributing factors.

Sales force automation software has provided the business community with a breakthrough in the ability to distribute information, identify issues, and remediate the underlying causes of missed goals.