Marathon Consulting offers Custom Application Development services to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Mobile Application Development

The development of application software for mobile devices is currently one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. Perhaps ranked in the top three with Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS"), few other topics receive the amount of ink and HTML now dedicated to Mobile computing.

Businesses and other organizations are now demanding the "mobilization" of many of their public-facing and internal systems. In most cases the desired applications go well beyond advertising content or downsized websites. Organizations now want fully functional systems, capable of operating within the native environments of Apple iOS and Google Android.

Marathon Consulting has been providing Mobile App Development services to various clients for several years. Marathon has considerable experience in both environments, allowing our consultants to develop expertise in all aspects of software design, construction, and deployment in a mobile setting.

Our development teams leverage each device's data manipulation, display, and logic execution capabilities. In each case the developers are able to compare development platforms and devices (tablets and smartphones) and utilize a series of "best practices" for the different environments.

Marathon's experience now enables us to provide valuable thought leadership to organizations that may be considering mobile app development. The environment is evolving rapidly, especially in the critical area of software coding through the use of Object Oriented technologies.

One of the ways that Marathon contributes to client success in this arena is through the execution of effective Business Analysis and Project Management techniques. Like all software development, mobile app development requires a thorough definition of functional requirements and priorities. It also requires a practical method for defining and executing a plan for the management of the software development process. Marathon excels in both of these areas, holding a 100% success rate on our Application Development engagements.

Client Success: LeadNav Systems, LLC.

LeadNav Systems LLC, based in North Carolina, provides advanced navigation technology to people who race, work and play in extreme environments. The company leveraged deep experience in software development and off road navigation to rebuild the GPS from the ground up and place it in the multipurpose iPhone and iPad. LeadNav's goal is to empower their user population by giving them a powerful yet simple interface that can be taken anywhere.

LeadNav partnered with Marathon to revamp the initial release of their LeadNav GPS and Elite product lines and roll out version 2.0 and later 3.0 to the Apple app store.

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