Marathon Consulting offers Custom Application Development services to clients in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Corporate Intranet Portal Design

Marathon clients have found the implementation of corporate intranet portals to be one of the most effective ways to leverage technology to their advantage. By combining proven corporate intranet portal design techniques with market-leading, mainstream technology platforms, Marathon is able to provide the client with a tool that cuts costs, improves communication, and improves organizational effectiveness in a measurable way.

Marathon's approach to corporate intranet portal design provides the client with great flexibility and a product that assures an extended economic life. Our ability to help the client identify cost saving opportunities and prioritize needs also allows the client to bring functionality on line in a manner that brings the quickest ROI. Enhanced flexibility is provided through self-administered content management (CMS) capabilities that reduces the client's dependence on programming. It puts the power to respond to changing business conditions in the client's hands.

Effective corporate intranet portal design and implementation has been used in many ways by several Marathon clients. The two most prevalent uses have been in the areas on internally controlled intranet portal workflows. This enables the client to use a tightly designed portal to control workflow through the intranet. This has proven valuable to clients wishing to optimize "back-office" workloads. Examples of these uses include time entry and approvals for payroll processing, online training, and processing various types of internal documents that would otherwise require manual intervention.

Other corporate intranet portal designs have been targeted toward distribution of accurate and timely information to remote sales staffs, collection of sales activities, and distribution of secured information to customers.

Marathon considers corporate intranet portal design and the delivery of intranet portal workflow applications as two of our core competencies.