Richmond - Business Development Manager

Marathon Consulting is seeking a Business Development Manager to serve clients throughout the Richmond VA and surrounding areas. The ideal candidate will have at least 5 to 10 years sales experience. Marathon offers an attractive benefits, training, and salary package. The employee’s health, dental, life and long term disability are paid 100%.


Fully responsible for New Business Sales


  • Networking through professional associations, user groups, company sponsored events, and prior contacts in the business community
  • Researching databases and other outside resources
  • Following up on Staff Referrals
  • Qualification for proposal

Preparation and Delivery of General Capability Introductions (GCI)

  • To present Marathon’s capabilities to new leads who do not have an immediately identifiable project
  • Work with Partners to prep a standard PPT and keep it current
  • Possess and be able to speak articulately about Marathon’s services and capabilities.
  • Customize as needed to address specific leads
  • Report results in Weekly Status Reports (WSR)

Proposal Preparation

  • The Rep must take the lead when preparing and presenting Proposals and Work Orders (WO) and responding to Request For Proposals (RFP) and Request For Information (RFI).
  • Ownership of the pursuit includes understanding the prospect’s requirements, developing a winning theme for us, defining ways in which Marathon can set traps that competitors cannot match, and ensuring tight Quality Control over the final document.
  • The Rep must be able format the proposal in accordance with Marathon standards or those defined by the prospect.
  • The Rep must be able to create content “from scratch” or leverage existing content when possible.
  • The Rep must keep the team informed of the timing and status of the proposal and ensure that deadlines are met with time to spare.
  • Staff Augmentation Proposals –
    • Work with Executive Team to identify candidates and rates
    • Prepare the WO and Master Services Agreement (MSA) for Executive Team execution
    • Present the WO and MSA to prospective clients
    • Initiate the project start up and data recording in accordance with the Marathon SOP
  • Managed Project Proposals –
    • Manage the pursuit
    • Bring in Executive Team or Team Leader to gather requirements and provide technical expertise
    • Prepare Background, Value Proposition, Scope, and supporting info for Marathon Qualifications
    • Prep the MSA for Partner execution
    • Work with Partner. Team Leader, or Analyst on the Work Plan and Estimate
    • Provide quality control on the final Proposal
    • Arrange a presentation and line up Marathon attendees

Managed Project Proposal Presentation

  • Prepare the PowerPoint
  • Make the opening remarks and introductions
  • Present the Marathon Background section
  • Turn it over to appropriate person for the Project Approach, Work Plan, etc.
  • Retake the podium to present Pricing, Change Budget, Benefits, and Why Marathon
  • Facilitate the Q&A section

Recordkeeping, as it relates to Management of the Sales Cycle and Status Reporting.
Providing timely, accurate information to Admin and verifying its proper entry into the CRM app.

Experience & Qualifications:

  • 5 to 10 years of sales experience in which the candidate can show evidence of:
    • Successful prospecting, using his/her resources, and the approach we have in mind
    • The ability to move a prospect through the sales cycle and get closure
    • Experience working with a CRM system
    • Ability to qualify prospects and get to an early answer
  • BS degree in business, information technology or related field
  • Formal Sales Training using a recognized method
  • Strong Professional References
  • Strong Personal References
  • Reliable, professional transportation and be able to serve the greater Richmond area
  • Follow Up and Follow Through must be Impeccable.
    • Return phone calls in a timely manner (within 2 to 4 hours, max)
    • Return client and prospect and Marathon emails within the same business day
    • Meet all commitments on Deliverables and other items of interest to the Client or Marathon team
    • Work with the Admin to keep all Sales Activity records up to date – within 24 hours of event
  • Preparation for Meeting Events and Performance within the Events must be Stellar.
    • When acting as a chairperson or initiating a meeting, preparation of a Written Agenda is the standard practice
    • Meeting Notes must be prepared and distributed to the participants and interested parties no later than (NLT) the close of business (COB) the following business day
      • Lists of agreed upon TO-DO’s should be documented
      • Decisions Taken should be documented
    • These standards apply to teleconferences as well as face-to-face meetings
    • Punctuality is an absolute must.
  • Possess the ability to present well thought-out solutions to sales issues
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) a must

Behavioral Traits:

  • Totally Honest in All Dealings!
  • Great Communicator – oral and written
  • Ability to compose and deliver presentations to large groups
  • Likeable
  • Outgoing
  • Competitive
  • “Humbly Confident” – capable of reassuring a client without appearing to “Know it All”
  • Committed to Marathon
  • Ability to interact effectively with Information Technology professionals and decision makers
  • Quick Learner
  • Coachable
  • Understands the value of an “early NO”
  • Ability to translate prospect situations into opportunities for Marathon
  • Shares info freely
  • Excellent follow up and follow through habits
  • Sound business judgment in a sales context
  • Ability to draft complex proposals, either independently, or by assembling and editing info from other contributors
  • Team Player
  • Familiar with IT system concepts

Marathon Consulting LLC., is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification protected by federal, state, or local law.

To apply, fill out the form above or send resume in Word/PDF format as an attachment to