Marathon Consulting offers IT Career Opportnities in Hampton Roads, Virginia and surronding areas.

Information Technology Careers @ Marathon

Information Technology Consulting careers are very important to Marathon. All four founding partners have extensive careers in direct consulting roles for our previous employers. This background enables us to appreciate the efforts of our consultants and also recognize the type of individual most likely to succeed on an information technology consulting role.BestPlacesVA_2016

Marathon recognizes that a major portion of the organization's true value is manifested in its consulting staff. By combining the talents of our staff with sound business planning and practical methodologies, we believe that we can provide a superior solution to any technical challenge that our clients may face.

The second paragraph of Marathon's Mission Statement says the following:

To create an employment culture that Rewards High Performance, Recognizes the Value of a Balanced Life, and Provides Opportunities for Professional and Personal Growth

This is an important goal and one that is routinely communicated to our clients. We feel that this commitment to our employees is a source of pride and further enhances our value to our clients.

In addition to the Mission Statement, Marathon also defined three key when the company was launched. This was done because the founders believe that by attracting an excellent group of individuals to form the core of the Marathon Team, and then supporting them in a superior manner, Marathon simply could not fail. The Marathon "Principles of Employment"  are:

  1. Maintain a culture that recognizes the value of a Balanced Life
  2. Sustain a Business Mix that provides opportunities for Professional Growth
  3. When establishing or enforcing company policies, do so in a manner that recognizes that the true value of the firm resides in the Performance and Goodwill of the Employees

Marathon Consulting also takes a great deal of pride in the type of people we invite to become a member of the Marathon Team. Providing Information Technology Consulting services is not only demanding; it is quite different from the employment experience one might gain in a private industrial setting, or public governmental organization.

Marathon consultants are typically called upon to work closely with client personnel at all levels of the client organization. This can range from the CEO-President-Owner, to individuals on the shop floor or the shipping dock. Interaction with executive-level clients is quite common when defining business requirements. The same consultant might then be required to develop a functional application design, and then construct the application.

For this reason, Marathon must be extraordinarily selective in its recruiting and retention efforts. We are very dedicated to the goal of hiring well rounded, motivated, and communicative individuals. Many individuals possess excellent technical skill. The winning candidate will also possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Once a viable candidate is identified, Marathon executes a five-step interview and screening process that includes the following:

  • Screening Interview - during this initial step, our Professional Staff Recruiter explores the candidate's experiences, career goals, availability, compensation expectations, and other factors affecting the candidate's job search. The Recruiter also gives the candidate an overview of Marathon, including the company background, ownership, and Founding Principles. The Recruiter is also prepared to address any questions the candidate might have concerning benefits, potential assignments, etc.
  • Technical Interview - during which a Marathon technical expert interviews the candidate to determine the breadth and depth of the candidate's skill sets. In some cases, the candidate will be given the opportunity to take a brief coding test.
  • Behavioral Interview - during which the candidate will have the opportunity to discuss other, non-technical work experiences, career aspirations, etc., with one of the Marathon partners.
  • Reference Checks - these are used to validate the candidate's description of his or her prior work experience and determine the level of overall "match" to the position that Marathon is seeking to fill.
  • Joint Partner Interview - these typically take place at the corporate office and give the candidate the opportunity to meet the remaining three Marathon partners. We have found this to provide the candidate with an excellent chance to pose additional questions about Marathon, the position at hand, and other topics that might have a bearing on the candidate's decision to join Marathon.

Marathon has made the decision to be one of the best, if not the best, Information Technology services firms in the region. Therefore, we have planned our growth based upon hiring the best consultants we can find.