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October 23, 2018 Jaxon Cramer 10 minute read

3 powerful tips for writing professional email communications. Learn subtle ways you can make your emails come across with the right tone and respect for your recipients.

October 15, 2018 Tony Cortinas, Erin Mullinax 3 minute read

Marathon Consulting and INIT partner to bring successful technology solutions to public transportation agencies across North America.

October 02, 2018 Aaron Sawyer 9 minute read

Excellent tips and practices for developers. Use this guide to approach problems better and become a more effective programmer.

September 17, 2018 Tony Cortinas, Ben Ricks 2 minute read

We congratulate these two outstanding team members, Bryan Hundley and Jason Vickers, on milestone anniversaries at Marathon Consulting!

September 04, 2018 Rachel Brannaman 3 minute read

With Smart Campaigns, Google provides the option of “total automation”—everything from set up, creative, delivery optimization, and KPI goals. With this automation, does this leave professional digital advertisers without a job?

August 13, 2018 Jaxon Cramer, Erin Mullinax 6 minute read

In 1998, “mailto” was introduced as a URI scheme for email addresses in HTML, which allows users to click on a hyperlink to send an email through their email client. This solution was perfect in 1998. However, in 2018, this causes serious user...

August 01, 2018 Tom Marsden 6 minute read

At Marathon, one of our core values is professional development and to nurture and support that, we sponsor many local user groups within the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas. Because August is a big month for events, we wanted to highlight some of...

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